Our little Tripod is a 3 legged, 3 month old kitten who is a ‘foster failure’. Tripod came to me when she was no more than 10 days old. While we didn’t think she’d make it, our little fighter proved us all wrong. She loves playing with her big sister, Pandy, and keeps our other foster kittens company. At just 3 months, she thinks that she’s the mother of the younger kittens - she cleans them, follows them, and makes sure they get enough play time - all while teaching them her mischievous ways. Even with only 3 legs at her young age, she climbs stairs, jumps on couches and beds, and lets nothing get in her way. She loves sleeping next to the fire place or heater. She’s made good friends with our dogs, and loves cuddling up with them. Our Tripod has been such a little blessing in our lives.

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