My daughter saved Charlie off the streets when he was just a small puppy. Could see that he was taken from his mother too soon. We took him in. We didn't know what breed he is or anything. As he grew up, he look liked a schnauzer crossed with another breed. But the personality of Charlie is indescribable. He is so loving, towards other dogs and humans. He loves playing with teddies, especially his "tiertjie". Tried to replace it, but keeps going back to the toy he remembers from puppy. He wakes us up in the morning, jumping on the bed, pawing and licking us just to say it is morning, wake up, I need some loving. Could not describe how much joy Charlie has brought us. There is so much I can tell you. He brings tears to my daughter's eyes when she comes to visit and has to say goodbye. It's as if she comes visit Charlie instead of us haha. Come see Charlie and you'll just know.

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