My darling 14-year-old disabled Nguni Rescue dog, Gali, was Gallant indeed. Although he had only 3 legs he was very brave and learned to climb stairs when he was just a tiny pup. As he matured he became the leader of our other dogs. He was faster than them all and he often hiked with me for hours on our Reserve doing snare checks. Having only 3 legs never held him back! Dear Gali, he was always at my side or waiting to greet me with a tender bite with his mouth over my wrist, if I had been out. I will miss him dearly but we had to let him pass over the rainbow's bridge after he suffered a long illness - he can now be running free as a wolf once again. Thank you Dr. Mike Toft for your gentleness and compassion. (photos Gali as a pup and him resting in his basket a few weeks ago)

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