Zoey, wow she is an answered prayer. When my late father passed away I was struggling to heal my pain losing a loved one is the most hardest thing anyone can go through. My mom and I caught every single day with out fail. I prayed for peace in heart and my mom and I to just get along and support each other through this difficult time. I pray for Angel to please come into our life’s to calm our heart and feel that my father is still with us in spirit. My later father loved animals as I. 2020, 4 years after my dads passing and my mom and still fighting every day for 4 years it was getting to a dead end road with my mom and I. My auntie moved overseas and was unable to take zoey with my mom said I would bring Zoey home. Wow I prayed for this moment an Angel. Since zoey has been in our life my mom and I are so much calmer with each other when which is very rare now days zoey gets so sad 😞 we both can see it which we both says zoey is scared as mom mom and I shout at each over we loud family 🙈 so zoey doesn’t like it we both comfort her and it’s okay zoey we not fighting we both cuddle her and we both say we love her. My mom absolutely adores zoey it’s her favourite grand child I always say and we laugh. Zoey is my our true Angel. And has brought so much love and peace into a heart broken house which is now filled with so love, cuddles and laughs.

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