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Tracy Ruddy

Our "minion" sibling rescues. Whats to say? Pic tells a story of its own. They now about 1 and 1/2 yrs young. Fantastic, lovable, cuddle bums.

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yolandi van Tonder on June 01, 2022
Tracy has a big big heart for our fluffy friends. She never gives up on any rescue case. Thank you Tracy God bless you.
yolandi Van Tonder on June 01, 2022
Bonny loves it when u sing for her and respond s to whistle.. she is a very loveable kitty...
Ronel Eloff on June 01, 2022
Tracy is a very very special animal lover no wonder she boasts with 7 rescues who also share her bed. Thank you Tracy you have a heart of gold
Tracy Ruddy on June 01, 2022
Should we win this competition, prize will be paid forward to animal charity. Love all my rescues