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Apache is Peke x Dachshund and is 7. He moved from Gauteng to W.C. as a frightened little boy exposed to violence with Bella, his Mom. First the first time in his life he has relaxed enough to play with fetch with toys, to play tug, to go close to people to be petted. And he adores children. He plays with the little Jack Russell puppy I babysit every day so sweetly AND miracles of miracles he walked on a leash on the beach for the first time in his life 2 weekends ago. Lol he sits in the back window of the mini going on the little gravel drive to the beach and loves be in the car now where as before each time he was so scared he would vomit each time. This little guy has found life, his confidence has grown and he even gives me a high five now. Gosh I'm SO proud of this little guy my heart is overwhelmed.

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