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A little insight into the life and personality of Phoebe: Phoebe is an absolute spitting image of a princess. She spends her days prancing around the garden running after insects and dipping her paws in the pool for cleansing… Phoebe loves to spend her mid mornings and late afternoons lounging on the outdoor furniture in the blazing sun before sunning around the garden in a figure of 8 motion for a ‘mad minute’ at sunset. When I come home from working in the evenings Phoebe is always sure to greet me with an absolute mouthful (Phoebe uses a low grade howl to express her feelings at every possible opportunity)! Telling me about her days activities and how disappointed she was that she couldn’t join me at work again… after her evening nibble, Phoebe does her nighttime routine which consists or lapping up some water and pottering over to the couch to assume her throne on the most puffed up cushion where the hops up, does a little spin into a tiny ball and sinks into the cushion, after which a little sigh of content is let out and she dowsed off for the night.

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