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When we named her storm when she first came in. We had no idea she would live up to her name. From the time the doors open in the morning. She is outside, guarding the house. No one can walk pass the house without her barking. People on the road tell us "no we aren't scared of the other two dogs. We're scared of the small white one". That's storm. The small white one 😂 as much as she sounds scary to other people. She has a very soft spot for all family members. Shes the only female dog in the yard and the only one who sleeps inside on the bed. As much as she's spoilt with privelleges, she is very obedient. If it's late hours of the night and she needs to pee, she wakes me up to take her out. Something I admire about her. And there are some days I am unable to take her out so I put a piece of paper on the floor where she knows to do her business. She is very inquisitive. But active and yet lazy. I love her to the moon and back and whenever I go through something. I speak to her. And even though she doesn't like cuddles. She really comforts me and allows me to hug her without jumping out my hand. I haven't seen her for a while has studying and living with my grandparents and when I see her. I can't wait to spoil her if I win. ♥️😭

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