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Skittels is a very cute, loveable and intelligent budgie. She loves to give kisses. She says Pretty Skittels and “soentjie”. She has different characteristics she makes sounds like a dolfin, she is an acrobat and climbes upside down and making summersaults. She also rings her bell if you ask her too. The other day ringed her bell 41 times in a row. She loves her cage (house) but also likes to come out and sit on your shoulder and flying around from one person to the next. Her favourite person is my daughter who raised her from a baby feeding her and nurturing her with love and affection. She is loved and appreciates all the attention and also asks for it. She likes eating out of your mouth and drinking out of a glass upside down. She can make a noise when moaning with you and when you chat or sing she will carry on and on.

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