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This is Toby! A German shepherd pup who just turned 1 year old a while ago! Toby loves to play with anything! His teddies, balls, ropes and even normal leaves and branches🌿 He even knows quite a few tricks like, spin, lay down, jump, boop, and he can jump over jumps🐕‍🦺But knows many more! He's very protective and loves his mommy, he follows her everywhere everyday❤ He wakes everyone up in the morning because he knows,when that alarm goes off, he gets attention🐕 He's bit of a vegetarian, he likes all kinds of fruit and veggies. He even shares nartjies and carrots with his mommy🍊🥕 He has 3 duchhound sisters who he loves to annoy🤪 And a kitty friend who even cleans his hears for him🐈🙈 He loves booty and tummy scratches and loves a good brush🦧 He's a very good boy and would love to win some money for more treats🍪

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