This is little Ookii. (Meaning Big in Japanese) Little Ookii has Hydrocephalus, which means he has water on his brain. Renting on a farm, we always have cats, but little Ookii needs to stay inside. He is a big talker and tells you exactly what he wants. He will stand on his back feet with his front feet in the air. This means he wants to be picked up. He's not fond of catfood and when we eat at the table, he want to sit on the floor with his own plate with chicken or fish. Sometimes when he plays to ruff, he would get cross eyed and then has no dept perception or coordination. We just closes his eyes and it will recover again. Although our older cats are not as fond of him, the big dogs don't mind at all. Ookii make us laugh a lot. We don't know how long his little life will be, but we're trying hard to make it a good one for him.

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