Fudgie is actually my mom's pet that is simply adored by my Mother and Father she is a thorough bred Peckagnese and believe me when I tell you this, she has a human like personality of a celebrity always wanting to be in the lime light. She is personally groomed by my mother and she has the widest range of toys each one very close to her heart in her own toy pen which is a plastic mini blow up pool and each toy gets played with daily. Fudgie also has her own lounger which is is mini camp master chair that she lounges on infront of the aircon. She just exhuberates love and affection to my brother, we firmly believe my brother is her greatest crush because she kisses him and she flirts like crazy when he walks through the doors. Fudgie could be a human being if she could speak with her mouth because her body language already has a vocabulary of its own. She oozes confidence and sass.She is most fond of photos and eating her birthday cake and opening her own Christmas presents! Her best friends are the other family loves our Datch hounds. Fudgie is very grateful for her medical aid too so if she where to win a big amount of money she would most likely share that with KoJack her Sharpei friend for his constant skin condition needs constant attention. But Fudgie doesn't mind if she wins or not her dream to be a celeb is all that counts and it's more eyes on her for what we doing right now and that alone boosts let's her dream partially come true. She thanks you in advance for this lovely opportunity and she wishes her fellow canines the best. Because dog spelt backwards is God and we all know that is abundant love!

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