Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat is a beautiful, highly intelligent and playful Calico Cat who is turning 7 years old. She is a personality cat, everyone loves her. Stalks like the big cats in the wild, has toys, loves ear-buds, paper made into a ball and loves coloured ping pong balls, like playing football with her. Puurs all the time and loves to cuddle. Knows the sound of my voice and vehicle. We talk to each other all the time and wakes me in the morning at 5am by patting my face with her paws. There are lots of amazing things about Kitty Cat, the one th8ng that stands out for me is I had overslept one morning and was supposed to be at dialysis, as I have renal failure. Kitty Cat patted me on my face, "Wake up Mom, you are going to be late." To precious, clever. LOves "Animal Planet" on TV. Turns on her back to let me pat her tummy, trust between us, soulmate. Toos the heads of flower arrangements, birds tease her, loves to bring in geckos as prescents for me. Kitty Cat is a blessing from God.

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