Where do I begin with this boy of mine, after loosing my first Cat to Cat Aids my dad surprised me with getting another Cat, I told myself I wasn't getting another tabby cat But when I went to choose my cat I saw Zorro and couldn't not take him home with me. I love him so much. He is a very chilled and relaxed cat very much of a hippie vibe. When he was a kitten and went for his injections, we found he became allergic to his injections which nearly caused us to loose him after two months of having him, when I went to stay by my dad for a weekend he had quarrintined Zorro on the other side of the house in my Ouma bedroom by himself, he couldn't go near any other animals or else they'd catch what he had. I spent all weekend in the room with him and because of that he became better. Everyone today says if it wasn't for me staying in there with him he probably wouldn't have made it for very much longer. Although the sickness he had changed him and he became almost dumb not to sound horrible but I my eyes he has character and I love him not matter what. This cat can be funny, there'll be time where everyone is inside and he is outside in the driveway and he starts meowing really loud like he is calling out to us to help him find us. So we all end up shouting for him telling him we're inside and he arrives within 5 minutes of us calling him. We get worried about him sometimes when it comes to rain and thunder, once we caught him sitting on the room in pouring rain and there was an electrical storm happening at the same time, but he seemed to have been enjoying the weather. He loves his nibbles, when it is bedtime he will come looking for me and when finds me he'll sit staring at me waiting to have his nibbles. This cat has my heart although he's knocked over my water off my night stand with his tail because I sleeping and he demands attention at midnight, almost landing on my charging area, lucking it went towards the bin side or else sparks would have happened I love him with me heart and don't know what I'd do without him. He gets along with all dogs in the house and loves his boyfriend, yes I know I said boyfriend, Sox my other Cat. They are always all over each and have been from the time we gotten only a month apart.

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