LEO THE CHARMING SWEET ENTERTAINER. HOW HAVE WE MET? A Breeder is a friend to a close friend who came by the house with her new edition. I swear Leo cast a spell and just like that without any experience, planning, or support with just 1 look at him and that was it his confirmed voodoo doll (me) and immediately took him home. Leo is the sweetest being and full of love BUT be warned his eyes are trouble… I feel sorry for my VET anything Leo does I'm on the phone with her and the worst part is she is down the road. As crazy as this seems but he was that missing puzzle that came with responsibility and maturity everything I do now moving forward involves Leo. I'm deeply saddened to see people out there so cruel to pets whether intentional or unintentional, the basics food and hygiene...not once did I think dogs have special diets human food can kill your dog, teething 1 needs to feed it carrots or whichever to comfort the process. In terms of hygiene, I took Leo for grooming and surprisingly I was called to the back to make a payment and when I walked in, I found Leo in a CAGE sitting on Newspaper with a sad face...I was LAVID I EVOLVED and probably the last time they ever groom if not they probably in a center dealing with the filthiest verbs that came out of my mouth. I see a lot of posts on social media pleading the community to sign a partition to STOP ANIMAL ABUSE. With your vote, I would like to do my part in promoting animal cruelty awareness. I can start from within my workplace and get people's attention our that yes it can’t speak but it lights up their day when we walk in that door from work. I can start small and that would be at work or at shopping malls and the local SPCA and locate charities get involved and perhaps start a platform for those who aren't able to afford Pet Insurance and perhaps start collecting pet food parcels which is not possible for human consumption and donate to people who are not able to buy decent food... I may be reaching for the stars or ahead of myself but I will get there with your help too so please vote and let's do this BUT I NEED YOUR HELP as I have no clue but only have YouTube and the internet to learn.

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