My Yorkie named Mickey. Working for a Vet a customer brought in a litter of yorkies for vaccination, I helped the Dr and held the pups while they got the shot. One of the pups crawled up in my neck and just fell asleep. My heart skipped a beat and I asked if any of the pups were still available, and as you may guess, only one left, the tiny baby sleeping in my neck. That's where it all started, Mickey became my best friend! She came to work with me everyday, making friends with every patient coming in to see Dr. She slept on the counter and stole hearts without even knowing. Today she is way too energetic to go to work and now stays at home with her 4 Yorkie sisters. She loves watching movies with dogs, sitting on top of her sisters, chasing anything that flies and giving kisses, lots and lots of kisses. We noticed her lifting her leg while running and immediately took her to see the Vet. After X rays we found out she has Legg-Calves Perthe's Disease, meaning she needs an operation on her hip and femur. We can only hope that the op will be a success so that she can still be her crazy, energetic and lovable self.

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