Giovanni is the cutest thing... He hounds like a little wolf when you tell him what to do. He always brings us his heart-shaped food in order to "share". He also puts them everywhere. We will be sweeping and then we find tiny hearts everywhere. He hates not having all the attention and will push your phone out of your hand for a tummy rub. He loves rain, but hates bikes. He will loose his mind if he sees one. We could never figure out why. When he needs to go out in the mornings, he puts his little paw on your cheek and just sits like that until he wake up. He won't make a sound. He is spoiled rotten, but that's okay. He made our lives amazing, he deserves it.

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Lelanie on November 01, 2021
He is absolutely the sweetest little boll of fluff, good behavior, and a very good companion We love our little fluff with all our hearts