Marlee is a cute little fiesty African Gery Parrot. He is 7 years old. Ever since he was small he was smart and cheeky. He loves anyone who gives him food especially if you are eating the same thing😂Marlee knows multiple sentences and how to formulate them. We are a hindu family and he picked up on certain words , for example when the priest comes home he says "vanakkum" which means hello in tamil. He is highly intelligent, if he wants water he says "can I have a glass of water", he doesn't really like talking to people if they are new to him and usually when they leave our house he says "thank you ,bye " 😂 he tells stories and can count 🥺if you shout at him or annoy him he says "stop it" , when the dogs sit by the door he tells them to move. Besides being smart he is also loving. He calls our dogs to his cage by their names which is amstel ( Rottweiler cross) and ale (Swiss Shepard) and he tries to pet them sometimes when he doesn't like to eat the pellets in his food he throws it for them. He also feeds other birds his food when they come to his cage , he takes it and throws it for them. He is a cheeky bird , who doesn't like to be touched any how ,he gets mad If someone touches his stomach. We got this big cage and when he wants to come out he goes to the opening and bites it to open it. He is not only cute but smart at the same time. Birds are such magnificent creatures to have around and for company.

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