Meitjie is a fun,loving dog. She likes to play play outside and run around. She always wants to say something when we talk and makes sure we hear her. Meitjie has a way of getting your attention by taking her paw and keeps on taping your leg or a part of your body for attention. Meitjie loves giving hugs and always know when you need one. She loved to cuddle especially when she can cuddle in bed. Meitjie has spmething cute that she have done since she was a baby and that is having a stuffed animal,She will protect that stuffed animal like her own child she also cleans it like a baby. When she gets excited of when she is glad to see you she will run and get her stuffed animal and walk with it in her mout and show it off. Meitjie is very sassy sometimes she will walk like a lady with her hed held high. She loves getting scratched and when you do just at the right place she shakes her booty like she is dancing. Meitjie makes our days always interesting there is never a dull moment with her,we love her very much.

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