LunaBelle and Sakura

LunaBelle and Sakura are Pekingese sisters who couldn't be more different! LunaBelle is feisty and adventurous whilst Sakura is sweet and guarded. Both of them however love foodie treats, tummy rubs and stealing slippers.

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Melanie Paparam on November 01, 2021
Hello T, your fur babies are gorgeous, goodluck for the competition.
Shereen Singh on November 26, 2021
LunaBelle and Sakura are both absolutely gorgeous and adorable.....good luck for the competition🥰
Indira Govender on November 26, 2021
Ahhh💗absolutley stunning baby girls💗💋 All the best in the competition Tia and Aarya🥰
Sharida on November 26, 2021
Waiting for greatgrand kids but Lunabel n Sakaura will suffice for the moment..All the best Tiasha and Ari on handling and raising these two pretty little girls..All the luck in the competition.
Sharida on November 26, 2021
Sharida Maharaj on 26th November 2021 good luck to my great granddaughters in being such good mums to Lunabel and Sakura ..all the best in the competition.
Michelle on November 30, 2021
Good luck my Stwinkies...Lunabelle and Sakura but with the best Mummies like my girls Tia and Ari you have already won the grand prize in life #livingthebestpuppylife