Smudge and sadie

Smudge and Sadie are both rescue furbabies. They have been through it but are such strong little fighters. They love to play with each other, chase each other ,trill and zoom. They sleep all day when mummy is at work so they can keep her up all night! They love chicken so much that they climb on mummy's legs when she's eating to remind her that they need chicken more than she does. Cuddle time is mandatory in our house and so is digging all the sand out of the litter box so mummy has to clean all day. My biggest, naughtiest and cutest blessings❤

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Laura naidoo on October 03, 2021
They r both very beautiful n has great n awesome personalities. They are a pleasure to habe in the hime n very intellegent
Lola Thomas on October 03, 2021
Gorgeous fur babies.They have beautifull personalities playfully and full of tricks .They have very unique features and are adorable.
Yivi Reddy on October 18, 2021
Not only do they look like they belong in a Disney cartoon, but they’re charming, intelligent and well-groomed.
Laura naidoo on October 18, 2021
They are 2 aforable kittens who deserve to. Win the competition