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Hubby and I adopted Ferguson about 2 years ago. When we first brought him to his forever home, he was skittish and scared. He did not want to walk up and down the stairs by himself. We used to carry him up and down the stairs and to bed. He and his brother, Fritz, both sleep in the bed with us each night. We've always suspected that he was previously abused because of the way he acted and we were told that he was "taken away" and then put up for adoption. It took him almost a year to be completely comfortable in his new, forever home and to get that sparkle in his eyes. We love our little Ferguson! Also called Fergie or Pokeloks (Pokeloks is a nickname we use for both of our fur-babies). The photo I'm entering is a photo I took the same day our new bed was delivered about 8 months ago. This photo just warms my heart if I think about how we used to carry him up the stairs to bed in the beginning and how he is so at home now! So much love for him and his brother! Mommy's boys and the most gorgeous fur-babies!

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