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My mum found me at Winelands SPCA. I met my big sister soon after. And she was big!! But I got her under control and we have the best of times. My mum, big sister and me have gone soooo many places! Our family, the 3 musketeers as we call ourselves, have been as far as Henties in Nambia together. What an adventure! I went fishing with my family, walking all over on different beaches. Great stuff. My mum always makes sure that my sister and I have the best that she can do. She's my mum. She loves me and my sister so much! Even when our Dad left us and had no further interest, she kept us feeling loved, protected and wanted. I tell my mum that she saved me, but my mum says that me and big sister save her every day. Us 3 musketeers. Family forever.

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