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Nero is so adorable, he is a puppy trapped in a big dogs body. He come and sits on my lap when he wants attention. He asks to go to the park by barking at 4 at then he runs with is big floppy ears flapping and his long lips. Nero is the sweetest when he sees a puppy more than half his size as he lies down on the to go to the puppies level to play with him. We used to have a bird who used to walk around my dog and my dog never tried attacking it and I think he actually became friends with the bird. Nero lies on his back when you play with him so that we can scratch his stomach and he looks absolutely adorable. Always when it looks like there is someone new visiting us he will go and sniff them and want them to play with him. He definitely is a friendly giant and is definitely the cutest dog I have ever had. He always puts a smile even when I just think about being around him or seeing him.

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