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Ava is a pure bred English bulldog that was abandoned at a flat in my mom in laws yard. After weeks of the owners not returning, she jumped and knocked my 85 Year old mom in law over. As a family we decided she needed to be homed,she needed love. We couldn't just give her away and kept her. She came to our house and adapted so we'll. Her previous owners had children's that would ride on her back and she use to wet herself if she saw people. We have built up Ava's confidence and smothered her in love. She now sleeps on our bed,use to be an outside dog,not even owning a food bowl but ate from the cement floor. She just loves. She is gentleoves hugs and gives us wet drooly kisses. She still is fearful to strangers but loves her family. We had her sterilized immediately as we realized she was suppose to be their breeding dog and we wanted to prevent them from claing her back. She is no use to them if she can't breed. Ava is now a loved and cherished family dog,like it should be.

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