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Hunter is our handsome boy. He's 4 years old. He's a German Shepherd cross Chow. He loves his parents and siblings and shows us that love when he welcomes us home after school and work with his jumping and kisses. He loves his morning toast with his dad every morning. His grooming and photoshoots with his brother and sister. Loves my mummy's slippers always hiding it from me. His favorite day is Friday because it's braai day, Hunter will only eat his pellets after the braai is done. He loves his Friday braai and Friday is also when all the friends are over to play. So he's very excited to be the center of attention from his siblings and their friends. He hates thunder and hates bin day. Hunter is our attention seeking son who is stubborn yet so loyal and very loving. If you don't belong in his home he won't allow you to touch him. He revolves around his family and in turn he's our everything.

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