Where can I possibly begin 🌸let's go back 8 years ago.... The day when I met my best friend, Tinkie. She was only still a pup,little and adorable, still naughty but a very playful puppie Every day I spend with her made my heart melt of joy She loved playing ball and chasing our Cat 🐈yet they were best friends And ooohhh how she loves food, especially pollony... I remember teaching her tricks like how to high five or sit ✋🌸it took a while but she learned fast as she is a very smart dog 🐶We did everything together like riding bike, she enjoyed every second of it, or going on a long walk. Still today she loves going on a ride with us in the car . The only thing she hates is taking a bath. Everything about Tinkie is loveable, she knows the trick on making me feel happy when I am sad. When she sees a tear of mine she would lick my tears away and wiggle her little, tail,sitting on my lap. The only thing I need too reveal my smile. Every night she sleeps next to me, she has her own pillow. I would call her and tell her it's time to sleep then she would come up running to the bed, waiting for me to pick her up and place her on the pillow Tinkie is truly one of a kind. When she gets a present, she would go crazy and rip the paper apart with her teeth until she finds her toy and would make a run for it. I truly love Tinkie with every bits of my heart We have a strong bond together. Every day that I have left wiht her is my greatest gift of all She is my best friend, my baby and my life I could not imagine one day apart with her My love for you Tinkie is unconditionally a lot

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