Elize Human

Kaitlyn is the cutest ball of Shih Tzu fur ever. She is only 11 weeks...but run like you wouldn't believe. She loves kisses and hugs..

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Austin on October 19, 2021
Ahhh Kaitlyn you so tiny, so sweet. Be safe, luvs from Winnie the Yorkie, and Austin xoxo
Austin on October 20, 2021
Good morning Kaitlyn! You are such a cute looking loveball! Luvs from Winnie the Yorkie, and Austin xoxo
Peet on October 26, 2021
What a lovely puppy. Obviously she's a model......if I look at her beautiful photos.
Peet on October 27, 2021
What a beauty. I hope Kaitlyn wins. HOLDING THUMBS. SENDING LOTF OF LOVE. XXX
Elize on October 29, 2021
You are such a beauty. I can kiss and hug you the whole day.
Emmogene on October 29, 2021
Kaitlyn is such a cutie. Looks like a ball of wool. So small and fluffy. Just love the outfits. Good luck with the competition.
Elize on October 31, 2021
Sweetie pie. Big ball of fur. Prettiest face ever. And do t forget that big ❤ full of love.