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Nahlah is the sweetest kitty I've ever known and I just love her to bits. I adopted her when she was just 4 months old. She was abused and left in a cage without food or water until she was rescued by a none-profit organization who saves and rehabilitates felines of any age. I contacted the organization because I was interested in fostering kittens. I was allowed to do so and was immediately asked to foster two kittens. I was really excited. I couldn't wait. It was the day when the kittens were supposed to arrive but something has changed. I was then asked to foster a kitten who was severely abused. I had no idea how the kitten looked like but this baby needed a home. I agreed to fostering the kitty. When they arrived, I looked inside the cage and instantly fell in love. I could see that she was very scared and really skinny. While I was talking to the lady who brought her who is also the owner of the organization...the kitten managed to open up the little gate and escaped. She ran across the road but a car came from that side. We freaked out and thought that she was going to get flattened by the car but the kitty ended up running back our way but under the car. We got down on our knees to check but the kitty decided to climb up into the car from underneath.. We could hear her crying and looking for a way out. She was stuck and the lady who brought her was prepared to break her cars bumped to get to her. Luckily, she didn't have to do that. I managed to grab her by the nape of her neck from underneath the car. We both were so relieved and understood that she was afraid and most probably scared of humans. I thanked the lady and took her in. I put her on my bed and immediately thought of the movie lion king.. I just had to name her Nahlah. As time went by we both have grown so close to one another. I ended up adopting her. She would sneak up on me and grab onto my feet. When im laying on my bed, she would meow then I would say her name..she would then jump onto the bed and climb onto my chest then massage me with her cute little paws. Sometimes when she's sleeping, she would have a nightmare..well, I think she does because she would meow really loud in her sleep then wakes up and carries on meowing until I call her .. I would call her when this happens or I would go to her and just stroke her gently...she would calm down and just cuddle up against me. She's really sweet and very playful..oh and she's very scared of a few things like a floor that looks wet or if the toy mouse gets stuck to her claws..omw when that happens she would go crazy and its pretty funny. I'm amazed at how beautiful she has turned out to be. She's a little diva. If she was a sure she would be a princess because of her behavior. She's so elegant..gosh, she's just amazing and funny. She's been with me for 2 years now and im looking forward to many more years!!

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