Lilly girl

Lilly girl my problem child the rebel πŸ™‚... Lilly is he hunter in the house she will go on a hunting spree to our near by field andhas brought us all sorts of presents already from 🦎 toπŸ€ so many I have lost count. Frogs🐸 in the winter as we get plenty in our garden, 3 moles and at one times even a damn 🐍, and NEVER a bird πŸ•ŠοΈ, cause Mom always tells her thank you and thank you for not bringing mommy a bird! She gives me grey hairs as she would stay away at times when she out and about and once was gone for a whole week ...πŸ₯Ί... Also may baby that's been to the vet too many times and cost mom a fortune every time, but she's my first born from my other two as well and love my Lily girl to bits, a fussy eater of note, I wish I could put a mouse in a tin cause then she'd probably eat than πŸ™‚. Also loves her favourite sleeping spot in my daughter's room on her soft purple blanket on the antique Queen Anne's chair just like the little queen she is!

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