Skye baby

Skye is my most lovable and demanding Siamese baby, she was rescued on Table Mountain 6 yrs ago when I got her. This little madam is an attention seeker of note, loves her long cuddles and pampering time and a begger of treats if she wants one. When she gets her hyperactive, playfull streak early morning she uses my lounge suite as her personal obstical course even though there is 3 big scratch posts in the lounge. She absolutely loves to play with her other two siblings, she a very cute fur baby. Don't like to be left alone for to long and in the mornings before work she will sulk because she knows everybody is leaving the house and she's going to all alone even though her bother and sister is around that's not her favourite person, I'm her favourite person and she's glued to me, will follow me to the bathroom, sits Infront of the shower when I shower and can't wait in the evenings for bed time. Can't imagine my life with out this little fur baby.

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