Ajax is a little dog with a giant heart. I own a little home nail salon and I think he is the reason my clients come back to me. He loves to sit on their laps and listen to their stories, some very heartbreaking ones. Everyone sees him as an emotional support dog and I would love to spoil him with some more treats. I can't imagine my life without him and neither can my clients, he deserves the best because those tiny shoulders hold the heaviest of burdens and he is loved so much for it. Mommy loves you tiny boi 💓

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Quinton on September 03, 2021
Voting seems to be glitched. I just sent 26 votes yet he's still on 36'th place? :[[[ Ajax deserves to win something, he's such a cutie!
Austin on September 21, 2021
Hi Ajax. Thank you for being such a good listening ear xo Luvs from Winnie the Yorkie, and Austin xoxo