Dooley (noun) - Irish origin Meaning “dark warrior” Our Dooley Boy is a rescue, taken in by Blue Bundu Brigade. We thought his name fitting because of his rough start to life and how he constantly displayed his courage and bravery to the humans around him. He is now nearly 10months old and is certainly keeping us on our toes during these “teenage” months! His favorite morning activity is to lie on top of dads pillow and sun himself in the morning rays. By lunchtime he is stalking the birds drinking and bathing themselves in the bird bath across the lawn, not so much a dark warrior but a dark ninja at this point! Early evening walks to the park are his favorite, his best friend Stormi and Luna are waiting for him on the field. Dooley loves to race and is the fastest by far on his long little legs. But even after all his activities, moms arms and cuddles reassure him he is loved and safe. Every day ends the same… cuddles as a family in bed. This little boy has been a blessing to our lives, teaching us more than we teach him. He is the best boy, intelligent, affectionate, vocal, feisty… Unconditional love is tangible when you have a little doggo in your life. Unconditional love is called Dooley.

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Corrieann Taylor on September 03, 2021
Dooley Boy you sound like you have bought so much joy to your humans. Good job boy.