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Hi There, Flicker is my name I'm one of the farm cats here at Friends of Ferals Shelter in Hennopsrivier. So shelter mom just gave me the bad news ... no visitors for a while because we all have to do our part to help the Covid virus not spread. And we have to cancel our Mandela Fundraising Event at Shelter on the 17 and 18 June. For me this really takes the swoosh out of my flickering tail because my title is Welcoming Committee of One. So now I have no one to welcome. No one is sure for how long this will be for. But mom says if we all pull together, and do our part by wearing masks, washing hands and having a safe distance from each other, we can beat this nasty virus. Well I mean that is advice is for all the humans. Us cats don't have to wear masks.

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Carene Van Rooyen on August 01, 2021
Most friendliest kitty at the shelter & always on duty!! We love it when he greets us at the car even before you get out of your vehicle!! Flicker you make us feel so welcome!!