My lovely fluffy son is the most adorable kid. He was a gift from my husband who is overseas. He is my first-hand parenting experience he loves to pat me as soon as I wake up and he sees me. He is an attention seeker and it's cute when he does so. He enjoys giving kisses and demands kisses from me. He likes to curl up and nap on my lap. He enjoys playing with paper balls I make for him and tissue rolls. He's a great climber he's learned to climb on my kitchen island to demand food when he gets impatient. He's the perfect gentleman who enjoys cleaning himself after meals and sits on the sofa facing the window to enjoy the view outside. He enjoys running around the house to burn up energy he is an adorable kitten. He loves playing in his tent I think the colors fascinate him a lot. He's very kind to visitors and adapts very fast to regular visitors. He gets scared when you show you are afraid of him and he gets very comfortable with you if you show you comfortable with him. Curling himself in my fluffy carpet and throws is his best hobby. He does not like the loud noises of cars, loud music, and loud chattering he is the most classic cat I know. He likes following me around and accompanying me when I pray it seems he never wants to miss a prayer time. He's little and cute but he already can recognize his name and respond when being called or talked to it makes me happy because when he first arrived he was shy and the only way I could communicate with him was to make meow sounds and he would respond and come out of his hiding spots. But now I simply have to call his name and he rushes to my side. I love him as he provides the best company to me and providing me with the best memories.

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