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Pikachu loves his furbrother Theodore, walks, treats, patrolling the yard & cuddles with his human mom.

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Martina on April 01, 2021
Pikachu is such a loving, cute, caring, funny little man. A wonderful brother to Theodore and together with him the love and support of their mom. Doing a great job ❤️
Rita Cocetta on April 01, 2021
Pikachu is such a little sweetheart caring for his mommy and loving his furbaby brother Theodore.
MARIA PENA on April 01, 2021
Pikachu is adorable. His shenanigans with his brother Theodore makes me smile always.
Susan howard on April 01, 2021
Pika is the sweetest little boy. He cheers everyone up along with his brother theo. Pika is a wonderful support boy.
Katherine Savala on April 01, 2021
Pikachu is the most happiest little man. I love reading about his adventures he has and makes me laugh when he needs to take a bath.
Katherine Savala on April 01, 2021
Pikachu is so adorable ad sweet. I love reading about his adventures And complaining about taking a bath it makes me laugh and makes my day. He's such a handsome little man.
Heather Chrostowski on April 02, 2021
He is so adorable I love following him on FB
Shelia Sevier on April 02, 2021
Pikachu has been a great little support dog along with his brother Theodore while mom was recovering. I'm loving voting for this little Hero❣
Rita Bonthot on April 02, 2021
Vote for Pikachu because he is such a cute, loving, funny, smart little Angel dog!
Susan on April 03, 2021
Picachu is alway so cheerful and always brings a smile to my face. He's uplifting.
Jane Anthony on April 04, 2021
Pikachu has taken such good care of his mom when she was so ill. He made her smile and gave her hope. Pikachu antics with his brother Theodore keep thousands of us happy on Facebook with all they get into including chasing 🐒 monkeys
Bev Morgan on April 06, 2021
Love Pickachu and his friend Theodore. They both have my vote.
Lydia Singh on April 09, 2021
He is just an adorable fur baby. So good to his mum and all his family
Molly&Charlie’s Momma on April 10, 2021
Pickachu and his brother Theodore, are the most loving boys to their human mom. She has been through a lot of challenges and they have been her angels by her side every minute that’s she could stand all their love. Pickachu is especially sweet and funny and makes us all have a brighter day. VOTING FOR PICKI! Love you sweetie 🤗🐾❤️
Doreen Clay on April 14, 2021
We love this little guy ! He works at taking good care of his mom!
Adey on April 14, 2021
So playful beautiful and gorgeous. Loves to go out for walkies with Brother Theodore. So cute